GardeningVegetable Companion Planting is Garden Match Making

Vegetable Companion Planting is Garden Match Making

Vegetable companion planting is garden match making which pairs up plants that grow larger, taste better and even protect each other from disease/harmful insects. When it comes to planting a homestead garden having a good plan will help to ensure you get the best result.

Vegetable Companion Planting is Garden Match Making

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In order a make a good plan you need as much information as you can get your hands on. This article is a really good source of information that covering topics like naturally repelling pests and characteristics of certain plants that can lead to incompatibility issues.

Many homestead gardeners find out the hard way that there are many varieties of plants that should never be planted around each other. Another thing that is often lost on many of today’s gardens is how to safely control pests in your garden. If you have ever wondered when some of your plants haven’t grown, while others have done really well, chances are you may have planted incompatible vegetables too close together.

Benefits of reading the Companion Planting Article

● The article provides a lot of invaluable information on plant compatibility

● It includes a detailed table filled with information on plants that can assist with pests in your garden

● Includes tables that list what plants can or cannot be planted together

● It also talks about how organic gardening is far more safe for the environment

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