ArticlesWalk-In Showers Are Perfect for Seniors 

Walk-In Showers Are Perfect for Seniors 

Not all seniors want to live in a nursing facility. Others want to be independent. If your loved ones wish to stay independent and live in a house, try to make it as safe as possible. Usually, injuries happen when they take a bath. A bathroom is a slippery place. The good thing is that you can install a walk in shower. It has features that are perfect for seniors living independently. 

Walk-In Showers

Grab bars

The first feature of a walk-in shower is the grab bar. It’s close to the shower, and it allows safety when stepping in and out of the area. Even for elderly people who are strong enough to walk without the grab bars, their presence is still useful. You can never predict when an injury can happen. If the person using the bathroom slips, the grab bars can be of significant help. 

No-slip flooring option

You can also find a walk-in shower that has a no-slip flooring option. It means that the floor used a slip-resistant material. Another strategy is to use a no-slip mat above the standard floor. 

Non-scalding taps

You can also find a shower with anti-scald taps as a feature. With their presence, scorching water won’t exit the valves. The problem is that older people have more sensitive skin. The level of heat that we can tolerate might be too much for them. Set the temperature to an acceptable level. There’s also a risk of slipping after running away from the flow of hot water. 

There’s a shower seat

The presence of a shower seat is another excellent feature. It’s perfect for seniors who struggle with balance. They don’t have to worry about it anymore since it’s easy to enter the shower area and sit. They also don’t need anyone to assist them while bathing since there’s no need to stand. 

Going in and out won’t be an issue

With a walk-in shower, there won’t be a problem going in and out of the room. Again, for seniors who live independently, it can be challenging. This bathroom feature is also easy to operate. It won’t take time for seniors to learn how it functions. You can also write the steps or label the parts when appropriate. 

Buy one now

Since you already understand the benefits of using a walk-in shower for seniors, it’s time to buy one now. Compare different choices first and go for an option you can afford. It should also be suitable for the available space. Seniors might want to downsize and live in a small house. If the place isn’t big enough, you should look for a smaller walk-in shower. Involve your loved on in the process of selecting an appropriate shower. 

It’s a good thing that some seniors still try to live independently. There might be benefits in living in a nursing facility, but it’s also good to be alone. It helps stimulate brain and body functions. When you already kept the place safe, you have nothing to worry about. 

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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