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When Two Becomes Three – Changes To Make To Your Home As Your Family Grows

A two-person sofa, minimal furniture and expensive decor is fine for two adults but if you’re thinking of expanding your family then you may need to consider making some changes to your home. There are many things that most people do not realise they need until they bring their first baby home. Here are some things that you can do in your home to get a head start on family life.

Family Grows

Purchase some child-friendly furniture

There is a lot of furniture that is not suitable for family living. For example, a coffee table with sharp edges or a white fabric couch is great for adults but it is not great if you have small children.

If you have small children you will need to purchase furniture that is safe and durable. Leather lounges are the best option for families with small children. If the couch gets dirty or soiled it will be much easier to clean than a fabric couch.

Add some more furniture

This might seem obvious but more people in your household means more furniture. You will need a couch and dining table that can accommodate the whole family. A two-person couch will no longer do. In addition to this, you will need more beds. When purchasing a crib try to buy one that converts to a toddler bed to avoid having to buy your child another bed once they outgrow their crib. There will be plenty of time to organise deliveries once you’re at home on maternity leave. Try and keep budget aside for this extra furniture.

Increase your storage space

Children usually have a lot of things. You will need room in your home for all of the things your kids use. This can include prams, cribs, high chairs, toys, clothes and many other items. If your home is already cluttered try to minimise your belongings and try to purchase some furniture that will increase the storage in your home if necessary.

Baby proof your home

There are a lot of things that you do not realise can be dangerous until you have children. Here are some things that you should consider doing:

  • Make sure items such as bookshelves are bolted to the walls: Small kids who are learning to walk often pull on furniture so you will want to make sure your furniture is secure to avoid any accidents.
  • Invest in some baby gates: This isn’t just for those who have stairs. These can be good for keeping children out of areas that you do not want them to access.
  • Cover electrical outlets: Young children are curious. Invest in some outlet covers to avoid any accidents. If you find that they often turn off lights and outlets place a bandaid over the switches to stop them from playing with them.
  • Baby locks: These can be incredibly important. Place them over all of your kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets and any cupboards that contain cleaning chemicals or medicines.
  • Toilet locks: Kids have been known to play in toilets or put belongings in toilets. You can get a childproof lock for your toilet so they do not get into it. This will save you from losing your keys down the toilet or from having them make a mess in your bathroom.

Make it kid-friendly

Lastly, it is important to remember that your kids won’t be small forever so try to visualise your home past the nursery. When your children move into their own room they will want to be close to you rather than on the opposite end of the house. Try to move them into a room that is close to your own.

Kids also like to be able to see you when they’re playing so maybe place a playpen in the centre of the home like your kitchen or living room so they can see you. Try to also remember your home will not be a show home while you have small children. Aim for family-friendly items and functionality over style when choosing new furniture and items for your home.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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