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Why concrete lifting is better than a new slab?

In the concrete lifting process, the concrete is lifted to an even and stable position, while the other solution is to replace it with a new slab. If the concrete at your troublesome area has been broken down into 3-4 square foot pieces, then it becomes difficult to repair it. The concrete lifting is better due to the following reasons:

concrete lifting

1-    Cost-effective:

Concrete lifting is a cost-effective solution. It can be done in the range of $500 to $1000 while saving almost 50% of the price for new slab solutions. It is also a permanent solution because it does not stabilize the soil if we replace a new slab. It strengthens the foundation of a building. To replace a concrete slab, we need to hire a crew to demolish it and remove its mess. It requires more manpower, time, and machinery. It takes at least two days to replace the concrete slab. In short, it is quick to fix, and you don’t need to wait for more than two days.

2-    Fast and Easy Solution:

It is one of the fastest and easiest solutions in repair services compared to slab replacement, which takes days, while the concrete lifting can be done within one to two hours. The slab replacement causes noise, dust, and dirt in the area, while concrete lifting is easy and clean. Concrete lifting is also an efficient and effective method in repair services. It does not require heavy machinery as compared to the replacement of concrete slabs.

3-    Safer Method:

Concrete lifting is a safer method as compared to slab replacement. The concrete lifting is done within hours. The injured animals or humans can be rescued faster on your property as it takes less time. If you own a commercial building, then the potential for injury increases significantly; replacing the concrete slabs is a multi-day task. That’s why it is avoided in most conditions. The potential for the damage is minimized substantially when it comes to concrete lifting.

4- Repairs are not visible:

In concrete lifting, we make holes in the damaged slab. After pumping the lifting material, they are sealed off. This leaves almost no proof of the repair. In slab replacement, the mismatch between the old and new slabs is quite noticeable. Concrete lifting is assumed to be one of the genius methods in repair services.

5- Less Waste:

Much more energy is required to replace the concrete as compared to repair it. Replacement involves a lot more energy and heavy machinery than repair. It is also a more environmentally friendly process. Concrete lifting services have little or no effect on the surroundings.

6-Better Ground Support:

When mud or foam is injected into the holes of the sunken concrete, it solidifies within hours and provides better support than before. Both cement slurry and polyurethane provide rock-solid strength to the lifted concrete. On the other hand, if we replace the concrete, the same result will come after days. 

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