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Nov 24

Learn about Rack Size From Whitetail Rubs

Great information to help the hunter get an idea of the rack size of the whitetail being hunted by being able to read and understand the rubs on trees. In this article you can learn how to tell what size buck you are hunting. By knowing how to read the rubs you can tell if …

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Oct 29

Interpreting The Chases To Track The Rut In Whitetail

Learn how to tell the difference between testosterone-driven chases and estrus-driven chases. If you are a hunter and looking to get some tips on the best time to be in the tree stand for the rut, check out this article from Outdoor Life. They explain what to look for in an  estrus-driven chase so you …

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Sep 27

Make Your Own Deer Attractant

Deer season is here, learn how to make your own attractant that will have them coming for months. GaHoundsman shares his recipe for a deer attractant that will make four gallons for around twenty dollars. This mixture is then poured on a circle of ground that you semi till to loosen allowing the mixture to …

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May 21

Bring The Deer To You With These 4 Tips

Check out these 4 tips to get the deer you are hunting to come to you. If you like to hunt and spend a lot of time in that tree stand waiting and hoping for that buck to wander into sight this is for you. Try these 4 tips and bring them into range so …

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Mar 18

Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods


If you ever need to use a primitive trap to catch food this article will explain how to do it. Six different methods of setting traps to catch food in the woods. There are both snares and traps so you can choose which one to use based on what material is available. Field and Stream …

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Mar 02

Black Powder Firearms for Survival

Black Powder Firearm

Great information on todays black powder firearms for survival. Black powder firearms are becomming more popular and they are a bit different now than the old antique guns most folks picture when they think of a black powder gun. Avalanche Emergency Preparesness Supply shares a lot of information on black powder firearms on Ed That …

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