Homesteading10 Ways to Add Amish Principles into Your Life

10 Ways to Add Amish Principles into Your Life

These 10 ways to add Amish principles into your life can help the process of a becoming self sufficient homesteader easier.

Amish people are famous for their simple self-sustaining living, are often seen plainly dressed and firmly against adopting the modern technology. Although they live in a an unconventional way according to the standards of the today’s society – their uncomplicated lifestyle makes them very closely connected to their land and their families.

This article is about how to adopt some Amish values to your life to make it less worrisome and more meaningful. People in today’s world have lost the very essence of what life actually is and the only thing they care about is making money and being better than everyone else. The values and the lifestyle of the Amish people show us how peaceful life can be if we choose to make it so.

10 Ways to Add Amish Principles into Your Life

This article talks about ten major values and practices that you can add to your life such as practicing gratitude, establishing peace, learning to live on less and appreciating it, being thankful, working hard and proving for yourself etc. The Amish people are a wonderful example of how money can never buy happiness but happiness comes from within and by being close to family and friends rather than from materialistic things.

Have a read at the article and be inspired from these kind and wonderful people.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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