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10 Ways To Style A Small TV Room

With the ongoing pandemic restrictions, many families prefer to spend their idle time indoors with friends, guests, and loved ones. One of the most family-friendly indoor activities would be movie nights. Nothing beats the excitement and fun of spending time with your favorite people while watching a new or classic movie and munching on some midnight or afternoon snacks.

For a better viewing experience, making your TV room comfortable and organized is a must. You don’t have to feel intimidated or discouraged when you only have just one corner available to use as your TV room. With some tips and tricks, you can turn a small space into a cozy and relaxing entertainment space for everyone. You can get inspiration from TV units and entertainment units at RJ Living, and you’ll be well on your way to having the best TV room ever. 

Below are some excellent styling tips for creating a small TV room.

Organize Your Cables And Wires

Your TV room needs Wi-Fi access and sound equipment so your favorite shows and movies can be played from various sources and with the clearest sound possible. All these equipment, tools, and gadgets come with wires and cables that, when gathered together, may create an eyesore. Therefore, it’s best to have them organized and concealed. 

While some systems are already wireless, there is still a reliance on connectivity through wires. And it’s okay; you can create a smooth and sleek TV room by organizing your cables and wires. You can conceal these cables behind shelves or cabinets by designating small insets in the back which allow lines to run behind fittings. These will not be visible to the naked eye. 

Depending on how you position your TV and other entertainment devices, make sure to consider enough room for wires to be hidden and placed at the back. It’s best to measure accurately before shopping for TV stands and shelves.

Assess Your Room Size

When you have a small space, there’s nothing to fret about. You can still create your own TV room space. The key is to come up with proportional furniture. Before anything else, you must assess your room size and determine what specific dimensions of TV, gadgets, furniture, and decors can be accommodated. 

Usually, the television must be the focal point of the room. You can embrace this concept by maximizing the space around the TV. This way, you can add some cabinets and shelves as storage or space for decorative elements. When positioning everything, always consider their sizes to create a cohesive overall look.

Create A TV Nook

If you live in a small space, it is quite challenging to set up a TV room. To beat the odds, you should create a TV nook instead. Find a blank wall that could be perfect for placing your television on. You can add a small couch that’s good for two to three pax seating, and that’s it; you can have an intimate or cozy TV nook exclusive for your closest family or friends only. If you want to invite more people, bean bags and floor rugs can be used as additional seating. 

small tv room

Utilize Cabinets

Consider installing a corner cabinet along a wall with a place to mount the TV. You can divide the cabinet with some shelves to display your trinkets and decors. Using cabinets for your TV room is a great storage idea to control the clutter in the living room.   

A television in the middle of storage, surrounded by books and favorite pieces, would be a practical solution. Make your shelving stand out by painting it a bold color that matches well with the entire home. Consider a modern interior design and choose a suitable color scheme for your taste. 

Prepare Your Ambiance

It is beneficial to add lighting to small rooms. The first option is to place your TV room in an area with nearby windows for natural light. However, if this isn’t possible, you can add artificial lighting instead. Pot lights, pendants, or wall lights can create a better indoor ambiance. 

The lighter the room, the brighter it appears. Consider going for light-colored walls if you intend to use your TV room space for something else. However, if it’s exclusively for TV or movie nights alone, you can opt for darker wall paint to imitate a theater-like atmosphere. 

Make Use Of Hidden Panels

Some spaces in your home can have multiple functions. The same concept is applicable to your TV room too. While it can be primarily intended for movie nights, it can also be a space for reading books or lounging. To create a multipurpose room, mount a TV on a shelf that comes with a sliding panel. When not in use, the TV can be hidden through the panels. This makes it easy to use and conceal your media equipment whenever necessary.

Flaunt Your TV

Another way to design your TV room is to emphasize your TV above anything else. You can make it the main character of your space. Either you mount your TV on the center wall or display it in the centered cabinetry. The concept is to flaunt your TV to emphasize its usage and purpose. While some homeowners feel that a TV protruding from the wall doesn’t look so neat, this can work as long as you consider the symmetry of displays. You’ll be surprised to see the result when your TV looks good on its own, like an art canvas placed in a wall’s dead space. 

Make Sure To Accommodate The Entire Family

The living room should host entertainment for the whole family, whether the household members are young or old. For this reason, you need to consider enough seating for all your household members. Go for sofas that allow more people to sit and relax without crowding the entire space. When determining the layout of your TV room, prioritize your family’s preferences and needs so you can properly position the TV and furniture perfectly for their pleasure.  

Consider Using A DIY TV Stand

Hanging the TV on the wall is a common decorating idea for small living rooms. This is a probable idea, but you must consider how to hide the various cords and cables. A wall full of cables can look disorganized. One alternative is to use a DIY TV stand to conceal the cluttered cables and wires instead. They could be thin in width so that they won’t take up much space. You can place all the wires, connections, and accessories on this stand.   

Make A Vertical Shelf Display

You can display art on a higher shelf and keep the lower shelves as storage by placing the TV in the center of a small wall. This gives the area a sense of balance. Take advantage of the vertical space and use it for decors as well.


No matter how big or small your home area is, there will always be enough space for a TV room. With the tips and suggestions mentioned in this article, you can recreate a TV room that will be your family’s favorite spot and an ideal lounging space for your guests.

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