ArticlesModern Interior Design: Colour Schemes for Every Taste

Modern Interior Design: Colour Schemes for Every Taste

A home is not only a place where you stay; it is your safe territory, a little piece of heaven where you come back to get some peace. Thus, when it comes to decorating that special place, you wouldn’t want to make any compromise. From choosing the furnishing tools to the curtains, you want the touch of elegance everywhere. However, getting a highly edited, unique look is very difficult; not only do the elements need to be contemporary, but they should also fall within a particularly modern interior design colour scheme.

Modern interior design colour schemes on trend

Whether it is a plain hue or a monochromatic shade, a colour palette in your wall can create the most sophisticated and soothing environment for your home. Of course, white is the most common colour, but interior designers equally use shades such as grey, tan, red or blue. Besides, a mix of a few different colours can create a bold and lively atmosphere. So, here are some modern interior design colour schemes to develop an admirable outlook for your living space.

Bright hues

Bright colours are one of the trendiest pot palettes for a modern interior. These tradition-inspired palettes feature inspiration from the Chinese silk tapestry, Moroccan lantern, the Afghan rug, etc. Consequently, your living space gets Saturn tone with a depth of intensity. To balance the rich, bright palette, use minimalist items and furniture. For the living area, a powder pink pillow paired up with the deep cerulean in the vases, silk chair cushion, upholstery, and plain bright curtains can be a class apart decorating style.

Bright hues

Earth tones

While the maximum modern interior prefers to mix the hues, this tone brings a subtle and natural backdrop to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The earth-inspired pallets feature shades with an undertone of grey, brown, and black- which are close to the natural environment. In addition, the supportive interior elements such as wooden furniture, natural fibre rugs, woven baskets, and artistic pottery perfectly complement this colour scheme.

Earth tones

A mix of modern and vintage

The best interior statement is created when the modern meets vintage. The distinctive shades from the past era with the contemporary tints can bring a spark to another level. The tone such as amber, purples, yellow and green with the vintage furnishing accessories is bound to create a timeless beauty for your living space. A sofa of pure leather element and wood tone with velvet upholstery and a colourful chandler in Murano glass can be a perfect combination for the living room.

Artistic variation

A creative approach is to use artwork to catalyse modern interior design colour schemes. For example, hanging a poster-size art piece behind the sofa serves a small, comfortable aesthetic living area. A bright orange pillow and two leather-covered storage cubes of the same punchy colour will add drama to the scenario. Finally, incorporate the neutral slipcovers and upholstery recede into the background, so the art and accent can take centre stage.

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