Cleaners19 Air Cleaning Houseplants

19 Air Cleaning Houseplants

I think we all know that the air inside our homes can be filled with less than desirable things. Weather from cleaners, off gassing of items and even your gas stove when you use it. Added to the fact that we all live in climate controlled environments with heat in the winter and air in the summer all of this bad build up can’t really get aired out well.
19 Air Cleaning Houseplants

In this article Sustainable Baby Steps shares 19 air cleaning houseplants that will help to neutralize these unhealthy substances that we are breathing. Some are easy to grow and don’t mind neglect, others need a little more care but there is sure to be at least 1 or 2 air cleaning houseplants that will suit almost anyone from the list. They also share tips of caring for your air cleaning house plants.

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