HomesteadingBasic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids

Basic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids

Homesteading, simply put, is self-sufficiency. Modern times, while having advanced tremendously, have brought about uncalled for implications in the form of a fast-paced life demanding the conformity of every individual in the society, debt woes, an un-ending restlessness for more and a dependency on what the corporate sector dishes out to mass consumers. In this context, homesteading is a step in the right direction and if done whole heartedly and with a certain amount of delight; the benefits it can reap will be really something.

Rather than contrasting homesteading with modern times or prevailing issues; let’s view homesteading with its standalone benefits. First and foremost, that sense of dependency that one feels will be literally annihilated. The freedom and feeling of not being restrained by ‘what is available’ in markets alone is something you’ll relish forever. Taking this further; you’ll have wide options to choose from and the ability to proceed at your discretion. These were just a shade of the intrinsic benefits.

Homesteading and gardening; the results of several studies point at one conclusion among others; efforts made towards improving one’s life where the result is directly perceivable has a great effect on overall mental health and wellbeing. The happiness people get to take with them from homesteading isn’t from the savings alone; it is the inner feeling of peace and satisfaction of doing something which has ‘enabled’ one’s self. Moreover; gardening involves getting in touch with nature directly. This itself is a big plus; the outdoor experience works wonders on a person. ” You can bury a lot of troubles in dirt”.

Many city dwellers suffer from mild depression owing to having little or no contact with Mother Nature. Similarly, many people find the joy in actually growing a tomato or getting frees eggs and milk from those animals you’ve kept. Being able to the see the direct link between your efforts and the outcome is critical to happiness; something which most of us tend to neglect. But almost all of homesteading is seen as a challenge and something enjoyable by kids. They learn responsibility, the importance of hard work, become self sufficient, develop confidence; all in play while merely thinking they’re having a adventurous time.

The above ideas on homesteading should help you see that rather than merely being a secondary component to your life; homesteading is a lifestyle itself which, when employed; reaps numerous benefits not limited to monetary or material alone. Beautify your life starting now; let our simple homestead be your starting guide. You don’t have to start out big; the important part is the want should come from within; everything else will naturally follow.

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Basic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids
Basic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids

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Basic Homesteading Skills to Teach Your Kids

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