Natural Beauty Recipes2 Homemade Skin Tanning Lotion and Oil Recipes

2 Homemade Skin Tanning Lotion and Oil Recipes

These 2 homemade skin tanning lotion and oil recipes are made from ingredients straight from your kitchen or makeup bag … resulting in a beautifully sun kissed golden skin.

Be fair warned that neither of these homemade tanning lotion or oil has any SPF protection – they are more focused on a tint to skin color.

2 Homemade Skin Tanning Lotion and Oil Recipes

It’s summer and it means many people will spend hours under the sun getting a tan. People will spread out lotion and oil to capture the tan and not get sunburned. It costs a lot of money for those specialized tans, so why not make an effective one at home?


For the Homemade Tanning Lotion:

First, take a half-cup of unscented white lotion and one-third cup of undiluted pure cocoa powder and mix them together. Do this thoroughly to prevent clumps from forming. Look at the mixed lotion and make the color match the color of the skin preferred. If necessary, add a little more cocoa. Once it is the right color, apply the newly mixed lotion over areas of the body and do this daily. When it’s put on, let it sit in for about 5 minutes before getting dressed. Put the rest of the lotion in a mason jar or any empty bottle.

For the Homemade Tanning Oil:

Get two cups of brown sugar (not plain white sugar), plenty of water, and a pound of unpeeled carrots. Prep the carrots by washing them and cutting them into tiny pieces and heat water in a pot on the stove. Put in the carrots and brown sugar; then, turn down the heat and let it boil for 2-3 hours. Afterwards, turn the stove off and let the new oil cool down.

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