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4 Legal Crops to Grow at Home That Will Elevate Your Mood

For centuries, humankind has looked to mother nature for all manner of cures and solutions.  For instance, mood-elevating plants have been cultivated by indigenous people around the world for their pain-reducing qualities as well as their mind-altering properties.  Whether you are looking for natural solutions to alleviate pain or thinking about planting to lift your blues, here are four legal crops you can grow at home to elevate your mood.


Known as ‘shrooms or magic mushrooms, certain strains of these mushrooms can be easily grown and don’t require a ton of space that some mood-elevating plants require for successful crops.  Magic mushrooms contain a psychoactive component known as psilocybin that works as a hallucinogenic when consumed.  Therefore, these specific mushrooms are often grown to experience a mind-altering, pleasurable high.  

Once you begin to learn how to grow shrooms, you’ll find the process easily doable, and the fruits of your labor can be incredibly mind-blowing.  Bear in mind that it is illegal to  carry or get caught consuming magic mushrooms in some places around the world.  However, cultivating ‘shrooms at home is seldom legislated and rarely raises red flags (unless, of course, you’re growing for the purpose of distribution).  


We thought about suggesting growing marijuana – but as we all know – it is not a totally legal crop to grow in all parts of the nation.  However, you can sidestep the legalities and grow valerian, which produces similar effects as the cannabinoids found in pot plants.  In fact, valerian root was a go-to herbal used by ancient Romans for its calming properties. It’s been known to help reduce pain, and anxiety, help with sleeping disorders, and it can produce a general “chill” factor when consumed.  

Growing valerian is surprisingly simple.  Depending upon where you live, you may even be able to go foraging for this mellow-inducing plant.  Valerian is an herb that can easily be grown from seed after the threat of frost is no longer a factor.  The root is harvested and typically brewed into tea to access its mood-elevating properties.


We all know the ravaging effects of smoking manufactured tobacco cigarettes.  These are highly toxic because of all the added chemicals and horrifying ingredients sprayed on tobacco leaves during production.  However, growing tobacco and using it in ceremonies or as a relaxing agent has been done by Native American people for thousands of years.  Plus, growing tobacco is legal in the US (as long as your growing efforts are not intended for distribution), as well as quite simple to do under the right conditions.

We recommend growing a strain of tobacco plant known as nicotiana rustica because it is an easy plant to grow. Nicotiana rustica can be grown from seeds, and the plants favor sunny well-drained soil.  The leaves contain nicotine which can be smoked without those awful chemicals found in store-bought tobacco products. But be warned – smoking home-grown tobacco still has its risks.  Also, be sure the leaves don’t develop any mildew, as this can be harmful to your health if smoked after harvest and curing. 


You might be most familiar with coleus as a happy houseplant.  They’ve been admired by many for their vibrantly colored leaves.  Also known as “painted nettle,” certain strands of coleus blumei (known as solenostemon scutellarioides) have similar effects as salvia divinorum – both of which contain mild psychoactive properties. Coleus has been used to treat anxiety because of its relaxing effects and has been known to prompt mild, dreamy hallucinogenic states. 

Coleus can be cultivated from seed, or you can grow it as a houseplant.  It prefers indirect sun and well-filtered, fertilized soil.  The root is the part that is harvested for medicinal or mood-elevating effects.


We hope these four legal crops you can grow at home for mood-elevating purposes inspire you to get digging and planting.  For sure, the natural world is replete with life-affirming plants that can produce heightened moods, reduce pain, and give you an overall better sense of well-being.  

That said, however, please do your research.  This article on growing mood-elevating plants should not be a substitute for medical advice.  Check with your physician to see if growing and using these or any natural plants are kosher for your health.  Furthermore, you may want to research your local laws to confirm growing any of these crops mentioned is totally legal before getting out the spade and potting soil.  

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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