Gardening4 Pesticide Free Gardening Spray Recipes

4 Pesticide Free Gardening Spray Recipes

These 4 pesticide free gardening spray recipes will help reduce the harmful insects pests that love to nibble on your growing garden. Organic garden pest control methods help you safely and effectively control your pest populations without harming the beneficial organisms and desirable plants in your garden.

Use a 2 forked approach, pesticide free gardening spray and beneficial animals/insects to eliminate the pest population.

You can enlist the help of under appreciated yet highly effective animals and insects that will eat all the harmful insects that are devouring growing fruits, vegetables and herbs.

  • Bats – build a bat house and they will come (click here)

  • Lady Bugs

  • Spiders

  • Chickens – we have tons of chicken tunnel tutorials showing you how to build them so your chickens can be put to work in your garden. (Click here)

  • Frogs

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4 Pesticide Free Gardening Spray Recipes
4 Pesticide Free Gardening Spray Recipes

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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