Emergency PreparednessThe Best 5 Bug-out Locations in the US

The Best 5 Bug-out Locations in the US

 In a shtf scenario where will you be? Check out the best 5 bug out location in the US and maybe you will figure out where you want to be if that scenario ever comes your way. No matter how well you are prepped and think you are ready if you are close to large cities you will be close to hungry people and hungry people will be desperate people.

   So you are prepped and planning to shelter in place. Sounds like a good plan untill hoardes of deperate hungry people arrive in the neighborhood. I know some folks say well I have small care bags made up with a can of soup, crackers and a bottle of water, I can give a hungry person one of those.

   They are not going to take a can of soup and go away folks. If they have not eaten for a couple days they know how awful it feels and that this little offering is not going to help for long. If they have kids nothing and I mean nothing will stop them from trying to feed their children, would anything stop you from feeding your starving kids? So check out this info from My Family Survival  Plan and if you need to bug out at least you would have some idea of where to go.

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