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4 Free PC Programs to keep your pc trouble free, These are the programs that I personally use.

Today I am going to share the programs I use to keep my pc running smoothly.I hear people all the time saying they have a virus or their free antivirus that cam on the pc has expired and they don’t know what to do. Well the first rule for computers to me is get another antivirus asap.

   The worst thing you can do with your pc is go on the web without antivirus protection. Another problem I hear is that they need to create a document but don’t own a copy of word. Others have computers that are so slow and most of the time it is due to not cleaning the cache or doing a defrag. The pc just gets bogged down with old temp files and such.

   The last program I am putting in this post is for a really cool program that will remember all your log ins and password for you and even fill in all the blanks like name, address,phone, for folks that like to enter contests and other things that require you to fill out the form every time.I use all four of these programs and my pc runs well, doesn’t slow down, stays clean and just in general runs well.All of these program are free.

   You can upgrade to get pro versions but the only one I felt I needed to do that with was Roboform because it is only free for 10 passwords, If you have more than 10 then you need the pro version. To me with hundreds of log-ins,passwords it was definitely worth the price.

photo credit  L. Nguyen via Amazon
photo credit L. Nguyen via Amazon


Avast is awesome. It protects you against viruses and spyware, updates automatically ( almost every day) I have never had a virus using it in the 7 years I have had it on my pc.

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photo credit


Advanced System Care is a fantastic program. It does disk clean up, defrag,scans for viruses, spyware and even inoculates against known spyware sites so instead of having to run disk clean up, then do a defrag, this does all of it at once. It also check to make sure your system is optimized and a lot of other neat things that really help.
I helped my daughters college friend that was having problems with his laptop. I installed this one on the laptop and ran it. It took the program 2 days to clean the temp files off the pc. That was the problem with his laptop. It had never had the cache cleaned, not once in 3 years. Imagine if you didn’t clean your house in 3 years. The same huge mess gets made in a pc that is used daily.  It needs to be cleaned.

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Open Office has a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation and a formula editor. Its free and its awesome.

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photo credit


Roboform is a password manager and web form filler that completely automates password entering and form filling
Free for up to 10 passwords. Must buy pro version if you want to store more than that. I love this one. It fills forms or just login and password with one click. I don’t have to remember or write down all of the log ins and passwords I use. You can print out a list of all of them that you have stored from time to time just to make sure you have them in case you lose the pc or it breaks.

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