Natural Remedies5 Natural Home Remedies for Pink Eye

5 Natural Home Remedies for Pink Eye

These 5 natural home remedies for the highly contagious pink eye will help reduce your pain, reduce redness, swelling and keep your eye free of drainage. Because pink eye is so highly contagious you may not want to send children to school, daycare or go to work in an effort not to infect others.

Here is a bonus home remedy besides the list below:

Lavender Washrag Compress

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Fill a small bowl halfway with warm/hot water, add 2 drops Lavender essential oil, submerge a washrag until it’s thoroughly wet, wring it out. Place warm/hot washrag over the infected eye for five minutes. Apply 3 times a day. Please note: Warm, moist compresses can spread infection from one eye to the other. Use a different compress for each eye, and use a clean compress for each application.

5 Natural Home Remedies for Pink Eye

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