Pets6 Easy Pest Control Products You Can Make at Home

6 Easy Pest Control Products You Can Make at Home

There’s nothing like having a beautifully managed home garden. Although these pests and insects are a part of life, they are a big challenge to soil fertility. Unwanted pests and critters can be very unpleasant for your home too. Though you may consider going to a professional pest control service like Saela to get the job done, you probably wonder if there are any highly effective DIY products you can make at home before you call in the big guns.

Like what, you ask? Well, here are some the best homemade DIY pesticides and flea traps that can help you get rid of common household pests.

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1. Garlic-Mint Insect Pesticide

To make this fantastic solution, you would need some fundamental things. Get some mint leaves and a handful of garlic cloves. Blend and crush both items in a food processor and add some cayenne pepper and few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Set the whole solution on the stove, boil it up and leave it covered overnight. Fill the solution in a spray bottle and voila! Grow your greens and keep your home safe from these little critters.

2. Coffee Grounds

You may be a big fan of coffee, but these pests and insects hate it big time. For ants and insects, coffee becomes a fatal weapon. This one’s pretty simple; utilize and recycle the beans you have used to make coffee and place them on the corners where you think these pests are emerging from.

3. Sugar and Borax Insect Killer

This one’s pretty great – no wonder it’s one of the most popular home remedies for ants and even roaches. The solution is made very quickly by mixing half a cup of sugar in hot water and adding two tablespoons of borax. Place this deadly solution right in the line of the pests and insects’ area.

4. Dust Mite Oil Repellant

If you want to make your dust mite repellant spray, you would need some general stuff. Mix a clove, peppermint, and rosemary into a spray bottle with water in it. Use the spray to mist your sleeping place and sofas daily.

Allow the sprayed solution to dry with the air. Pests runaway from this smell and will stay away from it until it wears off. To make this solution even unbearable for lice and fleas, mix some lemongrass or a handful of basil leaves.

5. Pepper Spray

To make an adhesive pest control spray for your outdoor garden, mix a gallon of water with ten peppers chopped finely and 3 spoons of pepper flakes. Simmer the stuff in a pan for 15 minutes and let it dry for 24 hours. Fill the solution in the spray bottle and use it in your garden.

6. DIY Flea Trap

Here is the simplest-looking trap that can be very helpful to killing off a bunch of fleas quick. This flea trap is excellent for controlling fleas in a localized area, and you can make this using simple stuff that you probably already have at home. Here is how to make a homemade flea trap:
First off, fill a large bowl with water. The container should preferably have a large surface area and short sides. The deeper the dish, the more the fleas will get trapped, and the short sides won’t become a barrier for them to jump in.

Add two teaspoons of dishwashing soap in the bowl that has water filled in it. Mix the soap well with the help of a spoon. The soap helps the water to get dense and reduce surface tension so that whenever fleas jump in, they drown to death.

Place the trap you just made at a place where you mostly see fleas emerging. You can place a towel under the bowl so that your floor is safe from spills. Empty the dead insect-filled container and make a new one every day, until you get rid of them.


Although there are many more solutions and traps available in the market, these are few ideas that can help you take urgent action against the insects without even making an effort. It is essential to feel comfortable about your living room, and nobody would feel great to know your house has fleas in it. Try these DIY solutions to keep your home and your gardens fresh-looking always.


Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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