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7 Expert Tips To Get Your Children To Eat More Vegetables

Parents the world over share many common obstacles when it comes to raising children. One of the tougher challenges to deal with is getting your children to eat vegetables.

If you’re reading this post, then chances are you’re experiencing this very problem. An option you can choose is to rely on the meal delivery Melbourne residents are using to save the dinner nightmare. But are there other tips that can help you change your kid’s minds about vegetables? Let’s find out.

Take The Stress Out of the Vegetable Struggle

A dislike of vegetables is not only something you find among children. In fact, in many instances, children don’t eat vegetables because their parents also don’t eat them or like them. Fortunately, there are a few tried and tested tips to consider when you’re trying to change the general perspective on veggies in your household.

Change the Usual Presentation

Let’s face it. Boiled veggies on a plate will be unappealing to just about everyone. That said, one of the top ways to change your kids’ opinion of veggies, is to literally alter the way they see these foods on their plates.

Here are several tips worth trying:

  • Make veggies more appealing by oven-frying rather than boiling or frying
  • Add fresh cheese to veggies such as spinach, cauliflower or broccoli to change the flavour
  • Veggies should look fun and interesting on their plates – start with small quantities and use different textures
  • Be sneaky and look for opportunities to hide veggies in all types of food, such as meatballs or baked goods

Use Vegetable Toppings on Pizzas & Tacos

If your children love eating pizzas or tacos, it’s an opportunity for you to add veggies. For pizza, you can add grated carrots, tomatoes and even avocados.

Don’t ask your children what veggies they want because the answer will always be “none.” Rather grate a few carrots on top before serving. This approach is easier if you’re baking your own pizzas because you can easily cover the greens with cheese to avoid a flat-out refusal to try the slice with veggies on.

Include Fruit & Veggies In Smoothies

Many nutritionists suggest adding smoothies to your daily diet if you or your children struggle to reach the recommended daily fruit and veggie intake. Young children often don’t care about the ingredients in a smoothie if it tastes amazing. Carrots and avocados along with a wide variety of fruits are an excellent way to start the smoothie journey. Mix and match until you find the perfect flavour.

Opt for Meal Delivery Services

You might enjoy cooking and don’t really see the need for a meal delivery service. However, another way to include veggies in your diet is to use such a service two days a week.

Here’s how and why it works.

In this instance, you can have the children pick meals from the vegan menu of the vegan meal delivery Melbourne residents are using. Many children will be eager to try a new dish from a menu that they’ve chosen. Encourage them to try a new dish. Keep some cheese and sauce on hand to add more flavour to the veggies if the children don’t seem keen to eat the food once it’s received.

Make Eating Veggies an Interactive Experience

Another way to make vegetables more fun is to opt for veggies that you can cut into strips. Turn their favourite sauces into dips and encourage them to eat the veggies by dipping them into the sauces.

You can also create new sauces that may be tastier with the particular veggie. Popular sauces include:

  • Cheese (most children will eat just about anything if it’s dipped in cheese)
  • Fruit salsa
  • Guacamole (teach the kids that this sauce isn’t just good for chips, but carrot or bell pepper strips as well)
  • Beef or chicken sauces

Cook More Stews and Casseroles

If you’re feeling frustrated about the ongoing veggie battle, another simple trick is to cook more stews and casseroles to which you can add veggies.

The average stew contains onions, potatoes, carrots and peas. However, you can add any type of vegetable to your stew, casserole or soup. The trick here is to grate the veggies or chop them finely. That way they won’t really notice a bunch of veggies on their plates.

If your children enjoy salads, it’s another opportunity to grate in the veggies they don’t enjoy. You can easily grate carrots, peppers or cauliflower into spaghetti sauces as well!

Use Your Children’s Favourite Spices and Flavours

If your children enjoy certain spices or herb flavours, sprinkle them over mashed or oven-fried veggies. This goes hand in hand with using cheese to disguise the unwanted ingredients.

Final Thought

Believe it or not, veggies can be fun. Getting your children to not only eat but enjoy veggies is an ongoing challenge but it’s worth searching for new and fun ways to present them. Also remember to lead by example and make sure your children see you eating your daily requirements. This will be the first step in winning the veggie battle!

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