Natural RemediesAstragalus Root for Hormone Balance and Immune Support

Astragalus Root for Hormone Balance and Immune Support

Astragalus root for hormone balance, immune support and energy is natural healing at it’s best.   Astragalus root is an adaptogenic herb that helps reduce stress and slows the aging process by protecting the telomeres of cells.

Astragalus Root for Hormone Balance and Immune Support

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The “yellow energy” is a special herb that the Chinese have used in their medicine for a very long time. It is a adaptogen, a herb that gets the body to work in conjunction with stress. In addition, the Astragalus root is used to help out immune system and can increase our energy levels. The root is also seen to have effects on fighting aging.

A study recently found that a compound in astragalus could produce the telomerase (hTERT) enzyme, which maintains or lengthen telomeres, a substance that is apart of cellular aging. Telomeres help our DNA, or, as explained thoroughly, they protect chromosomes from being mistaken as separated bodies that could be take out. The faster telomeres decrease, the more quickly we age at a cellular level because they die out, and so do youth on our faces.

Astragalus Root for Hormone Balance and Immune Support
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With our immune system, astragalus is used in teas to help us fight the flu and cold. With our hormones, astragalus helps the body maintain its hormonal balance by adapting the body to stress.

In terms of using astragalus, it should be mixed with other herbs similar such as ginseng and licorice root. For how much of it, it doesn’t seem to be a limit to what one can have, although there are recommendations on how much to mix it with in a tea and how to let it settle in. This is clearly a popular herb coming from Chinese medicine that is natural and helpful when consuming it with tea.

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