Natural RemediesA HomeMade Anti Itch Lotion Recipe For Dogs

A HomeMade Anti Itch Lotion Recipe For Dogs

If you have a dog or dogs this recipe may come in very handy. It is a recipe for an anti itch remedy for you dog. Jan the Dog Talker shares a recipe to help with your dogs itch from allergies or mosquito bites. She says”I used it on Lizzie with limited success, because her itching was caused by demodectic mange, which was a bit more complicated. BUT…..I used it on my OWN mosquito bites and minor skin abrasions last summer, and it worked better than any ready-made remedy I’ve ever purchased! It’s inexpensive, all natural, and easy to mix up. If you have a dog with itching problems caused by allergies, insect bites, healing wounds, sunburn, or hotspots” So it is inexpensive and works on dogs and people. What can be better than that?

A HomeMade Anti Itch Lotion Recipe For Dogs
jan the dog talker

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