Hunting Fishing TrappingGetting into Black Powder Hunting (on a Budget)

Getting into Black Powder Hunting (on a Budget)

Do any hunters here have muzzle loaders just so they can get an extra week or so of hunting in? My husband has one. He likes to take it out for both deer and turkey. If you are interested in doing some hunting with a muzzle loader, Guns has a really nice article on how you can do it and save a little money while you are at it.

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Getting into Black Powder Hunting (on a Budget)





Muzzleloading for Deer & Turkey

Jron Scorpion 50C Sabot .451 Funnel Point Mag Bullet

Successful Muzzleloader Hunting: Sure-fire Hunting Strategies With Blackpowder Firearms

MTM Muzzle Loader Dry Box


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