UncategorizedBlue Bird School Bus Tiny House Tour

Blue Bird School Bus Tiny House Tour

Blue bird school bus tiny house tour that shares many pictures of all the great features.

Blue Bird School Bus Tiny House Tour

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Sometimes people want something a little bit more unique than just buying a house. Sometimes people decide to purchase things like a bus and convert that into their dream home.

This allows you to free up space on your property for you to do things like creating a fantastic garden to help you spend less on your produce every month. Here is a look at one very unique home and an excellent idea for planting a garden to really add to the space if you are interested in adding one to your small home.

Some people do not need or want a lot of space and would prefer a simpler and more clutter-free lifestyle. That is the case here when Julie and Andrew decided to convert a school bus into a cottage style home that they have been dreaming of. This couple was inspired by “Moby Dick” and the more traditional East Coast cottages and decided that the bus would be the perfect place to make this dream come true.

The property is right next to the lake, so they get to enjoy outdoorsy activities without spending a fortune for a lakeside home that you will go broke trying to afford. One of the best features of this home is that you can drive it around, taking your home on vacation with you.

Minimal living is all of the rage right now, something that you can see from this couple’s choice to build a fully functional (and quite gorgeous) home from a bus. If you have a property that is all yours, you can focus on building a garden that will help you to save money. When spring is coming, you will want to begin preparations for your garden.

This is important whether it is your first year doing it or you already have a garden on your property. Where you put your garden is going to be the most important decision that you make. For the most part, a garden will need to get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day that shines directly on the garden. There should be some protection from wind by having your yard fence nearby. The garden does need to be level and the soil will need to be able to drain excess water.

Lastly, it needs to be near a water source to ensure that you can easily water the garden.

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