Garden BedsBuild Protective Cover for Garden Beds DIY Project

Build Protective Cover for Garden Beds DIY Project

How to Build Protective Cover for Garden Beds DIY Project is simple to make, inexpensive materials and will keep birds, rabbits and squirrels away from garden harvest.

Build Protective Cover for Garden Beds DIY Project

It is really heartbreaking to see that the beds you have put so much time into cultivating have been destroyed by a deer or squirrel. Keeping small animals like deer, squirrels and even cats or dogs from your outdoor garden can be a bit challenging. So here’s an idea “A Raised Bed Protective Cover’. This does not just keep small animals away from your bed; it also acts as a protective cover from the harsh weather. This way you do not have to take down the protective cover you have built for another when the weather changes. All you need do is throw a plastic cover over the structure keeping frost or harsh sun out.

This tutorial should help you with every step of construction. The project can easily be managed by yourself, so you do not need a professional hand. You can get all the materials you need to form your local hardware stores. There are a number of alternative materials you could also use like wire fencing or the chicken wire instead of the plastic fence used here.

This may, however, be somewhat difficult to work with. You can also use wire instead to hold the fencing on the frame. As this frame does not have access to it through the fence, you may need to take out the covering to get work on your beds. It is quite easy though as the cover is really light and can be managed by one person.

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Melissa Francis
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