Household TipsCollection of Dollar Store Frugal Camping Supplies

Collection of Dollar Store Frugal Camping Supplies

This Collection of Dollar Store Frugal Camping Supplies can help bring down the cost of equipping some of your family’s needs. It may not be the major elements but kitchen, hygiene and lighting can be covered.

Collection of Dollar Store Frugal Camping Supplies

A flexible cutting board for all meats can be bought at 2 boards for $1. Besides being fairly sturdy, these boards are easily disposable.

Then, there are the tablecloths to keep foods away from the dirt or picnic table surface. Like the cutting board, just simply get rid of after use.

Another easy kitchen piece to buy is the dishtowel.

Polypropylene and twine are the two kind of rope that can be bought at the Dollar Store. Polypropylene is lighter and can float on the water, while twine, is thinner and can be tied up easier for sent a tent or drying line.

Then, there is duct tape, which comes not just in gray, but also in various colors.

Ziploc bags and water bottles are self-explanatory to why they are useful to buy at the dollar store.

The same goes for any of those special canisters to bring different snacks, as well as any soaps or cooking herbs.

Have kids? There are plenty of cheap toys they can have. In the wild, a raincoat is worth more than the umbrella. Basic first-aid, a must have, is also there.

A key camping supply that can be bought with plenty of power is a flashlight that uses regular bulbs or an LED light.

Glowsticks also work as a viable alternative. All of these things are important camping essentials that can be bought for cheap at the Dollar Store and simply disposed of, not needing to lug them back after the trip.

Camping can be a fairly inexpensive trip.

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