Household TipsTour Inside 1890 Untouched Homesteading Farmhouse

Tour Inside 1890 Untouched Homesteading Farmhouse

Come tour inside this 1890 untouched homesteading farmhouse that has been untouched by time. Homesteaders are a different sort of people that have an attachment to getting back to the basics and owning land. We want to pour blood, sweat and tears into the land we work….. maybe somewhere like this.

Tour Inside 1890 Untouched Homesteading Farmhouse

Travel back in time, down an old dirt road in the countryside of Georgia, a farmhouse from the late 19th century sits with its authentic structure standing virtually unchanged. It’s 4,552 square feet and features six bedrooms and one bathroom while being encircled by 5.5acres of yard. It does not have the 21st century utilities, but instead it has that Southern country appeal, as seen by the view from the porch. The real amazing sight, however, is inside the farmhouse.

The kitchen: it is separated from the rest of the house and not openly seen. Its full wooden frame is obvious. The living rooms have tall ceilings for a lot of space to place furniture in. Back then it was a piano and a shelf of books. Go inside the foyer and there is the staircase plus doorways into other rooms. The walls in some rooms differ from others. Some are strictly wood, while others include color, including one with green walls. As with other houses of this style, the windows are long and vertical.

Going upstairs into those bedrooms, there is plenty of space, open light, and a fireplace. This does not have commercial air conditioning and heat, but there are fans in the some of the living rooms. In the attic, it’s basically another place to utilize anyway desired. A bedroom, a storage unit, or even a playroom for children, this completes a full farmhouse.

Would you live here ?

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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