CrochetCrocheting Atlantic Lace Shawl Craft Project

Crocheting Atlantic Lace Shawl Craft Project

This pattern of Crocheting Atlantic Lace Shawl Craft Project was designed to introduce the reader to a unique outfit accessory that is perfect for wearing on a cool evening.

Crocheting Atlantic Lace Shawl Craft Project

Crocheting is one of the fastest growing activities (hobby) these days, with millions of people discovering the joys of crocheting. One of the big reasons why so many people enjoy it is because it can be easily picked up and packed around anywhere you go.

The creator of this pattern came up with the idea for the lacy shawl design and unique name while on an airplane flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Hence the name, Atlantic Lace Shawl.

She came up with and the deep purple primary color reminded her of the color water as she looked down out of the planes window. The pattern was written and presented in a way that makes it really easy to follow.

* * * Benefits of reading the Crochet Pattern: How to make this unique “Atlantic Lace Shawl”

* Discover how the creator of this unique shawl pattern came up with the interesting name she gave it

* The crochet pattern includes a complete listing of all of the materials, supplies and tools that are necessary to make it

* You will also find a complete, easy to read and follow stitch by stitch instruction guide of how to make it

* There are also a full-color picture are are designed to provide a good visual reference of the pattern

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Here is a downloadedable PDF Pattern:

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