Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables Times


Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is essential to making your own fugal make ahead mixes, meals in a jar, dry vegetable broth powder, fruit oatmeal packets, dry mix dips, dry tomato paste mix and MRE’s .

Sort: Carefully discard any bruised or undesirable fruit or vegetables

WASH: Thoroughly with to remove dirt, bugs or wax put on produce to keep it fresh while being transported

Slice: Slice thinly and evenly. The thinner the slice of item being dried, the quicker the drying time.

DRY: Spread one layer thick on racks and dry

Dehydrators: Set temperature at 135 – 155 degrees.



Apples 8-12 hours

Apricots 12-14 hours

Bananas 8-10 hours

Berries 8-10 hours

Cherries 12-14 hours

Cranberries 10-12 hours

Figs 10-12 hours

Grapes 10-12 hours

Kiwi 8-10 hours

Nectarines 10-14 hours

Peaches 10-14 hours

Pears 8-10 hours

Persimmons 10-14 hours

Pineapple 10-12 hours

Prune Plums 12-16 hours

Rhubarb 6-8 hours

Strawberries 7-9 hours

Watermelon 8-10 hours



Asparagus 6-8 hours

Beans, Green or Wax 8-10 hours

Beets 8-10 hours

Broccoli 10-12 hours

Cabbage 7-9 hours

Carrots 8-10 hours

Celery 3-5 hours

Corn 6-8 hours

Cucumber 4-7 hours

Eggplant 4-7 hours

Greens 3-5 hours

Mushrooms 3-5 hours

Okra 4-6 hours

Onions 4-6 hours

Parsnips 7-10 hours

Peas 4-6 hours

Peppers 5-8 hours

Potatoes 7-12 hours

Pumpkin 9-12 hours

Summer Squash 10-13 hours

Tomatoes 6-10 hours

Turnips 9-13 hours

Winter Squash 8-12 hours

Yams 8-12 hours

Zucchini 8-12 hours

Fruit leather Roll Up 4-6 hours

Jerky 6-8 hours

Fish Jerky 12-14 hours

Herbs & Spices 2-4 hours

Nuts 10-14 hours



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