DIY Carpenter Bee Trap


Bee traps are effective through employing brilliant and simple design principles. Carpenter bees have various habits compared to honey bees and bumble bees. Understanding such habits is what makes traps unprecedented in the removal of carpenter bees.

In terms of carpenter bees searching for a home, if the wood is softer, it’s better. The holes drilled in the wooden base are set to a particular diameter and angled upwards. The diameter of holes that carpenter bees make should be the same with the diameter you’re making. Angled properties of holes cut off light source for bees once it enters the trap’s wooden chamber.

The parts of your carpenter bee trap must be made with durable materials to withstand any weather elements and for it to last for several seasons.  If you have a lot of carpenter bees drilling holes in wood sheds,porches and other wooden areas you can make multiple traps and put them in a variety of places.

If you want to create your own carpenter bee trap, it’s easy. All you have to do is to follow the instructions provided by The Country Chic Cottage. Just make sure to use quality materials so your carpenter bee trap will last for many years.