Build ItDIY Rolling Blinds For The Patio Door

DIY Rolling Blinds For The Patio Door

For all the folks that have patio doors. You know the one, two big squares of glass that slide open. Check out this tutorial for a diy rolling blinds for the patio door.

DIY Rolling  Blinds For The Patio Door

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This is a really neat window covering for sliding doors. One side of the blinds is installed and meant to be stationary but the other half is installed with rollers top and bottom so you can roll it to open and roll it back to close. I love this idea because it looks so much cleaner and neat that any kind of curtain and since the part that rolls, rolls over in front of the stationary half it is completely out of the way without any kind of hassle trying to roll them up or wiggle them around to move them and since the moving half is inside a wooden frame there shouldn’t be any wear and tear on the blinds themselves.

One80bits shares the instructions for making these for your house on Instructables. I am sure this diy job ended up costing quite a bit less than buying custom rolling blinds if you could even find them pre-made.  With a little extra work you could use the same wood that you make the frame for the rolling blinds with to make a valance up top to give it a totally finished look. It almost has an oriental look, but it looks all light and clean. I really love the idea.


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Paige Raymond
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