DIY Water Filtration with Three Bucket Method

DIY Water Filtration with Three Bucket Method

See how to build a diy water filtration with a three bucket method. This would clean water well enough to cook with and bathe with and it even clears pathogens to 99 percent which is safe for drinking.

DIY Water Filtration with Three Bucket Method

Safe, clean drinking water is one of the necessities of life and in the event that you have a water source that is of unknown quality, you have several options. You can boil it to remove impurities, use a chemical like chlorine or a good quality filtration system to make the water safer to drink.

This DIY project was designed to introduce the reader to a powerful, homemade water filtration system. This Do It Yourself water filtration system was created, posted and shared with all of the visitors and readers at a website called Ask A Prepper.

There are many different ways to filter water and that includes many different types of filter media. This three bucket filtration system includes three completely different filter materials that are each designed to remove a different type of contaminants.

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Learn how easy it can be to put together a powerful water filtration system that does not take a lot of time and can
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