DIY ProjectsMake Homemade Chalk Paint and Milk Paint

Make Homemade Chalk Paint and Milk Paint

This step by step tutorial of how to make homemade chalk paint and milk paint for frugal painting on the homestead from painting furniture to a barn.

Have you noticed how expensive some paints are compared to others? We are sure you have. When you are looking at milk-based and chalk paints – you may notice how expensive they may be. Gather up the ingredients and make the paint yourself to save money, flexibility of color, consistency and make just the amount you need for your project.

Make Homemade Chalk Paint and Milk Paint

With only a few ingredients to make both kinds (chalk paint and milk paint), you’ll have the paints you’ve been eyeing and dreaming about since you first saw them on barn you pass while driving.

While the upfront costs may be slightly higher, the amount of paint you can produce for yourself will significantly reduce the costs from what you would’ve paid in the store.

For chalk paint, you just need some latex paint in the color of your choice and some chalk-like substance, such as calcium carbonate or baking soda.

With the milk paint, you’ll want to gather some milk powder, the color pigment you want, calcium hydroxide, and some water. Make your unfinished products stand out as you work with your new paints and save money at the same time.

* Calcium Carbonate – 5 Pounds Calcium Carbonate Powder “Greenway Biotech, Inc. Brand” Limestone Powder Rock Dust Very Fine Powder

*Plaster of Paris Dap Plaster of Paris Box Molding Material, 4.4-Pound, White

* Calcium Hydroxide Calcium Hydroxide / Fine Powder / 2 Ounces / 99.8% Pure / ACS Grade / SHIPS FAST FROM USA

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Melissa Francis
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