Emergency PreparednessEcozoom Versa Camp Stove Review

Ecozoom Versa Camp Stove Review

Ecozoom Versa Review

The Ecozoom Versa camp stove is a “must have” camping supply item to cook meals without using huge amounts of wood.

Being an adventure enthusiast, I am frequently out exploring nature and camping with friends. One of the first things that come to mind while packing for camping is taking along a good stove. A stove that can fire up easily, produce a good hot fire without having me sweating and handling all types of pans. It must also be environment friendly; this is what a camper like me always requires.

So, I bought Ecozoom Versa!  The life has been great ever since. It can be used indoors ( with proper ventilation)  as well as outdoors, making it suitable for almost everyone.

Ecozoom Versa Camp Stove Review
Ecozoom Versa Camp Stove Review

Why you need a wood cook stove?

You probably are wondering why I really needed a wood cook stove in this advanced era where propane stoves are commonly in vogue. Well, as I’ve already mentioned, I needed something portable, offering an easy cooking experience. Propane stoves are often non-portable and  require tanks to be pre-filled  while a rocket stove can be easily carried anywhere and use fuel found on the forest floor.
This Ecozoom Versa wood stove has saved me time and energy as it doesn’t require much of the fuel or tons of work gathering large amounts of wood. Last but not  least, food cooked using the wood tastes heavenly.

Basic Description of Ecozoom Versa:

Ecozoom Versa  reminds me of a small traditional, centuries old stove that instantly takes you to a period when people were using wood for cooking. It works by consuming the fuel like charcoal, wood, or any other solid dry biomass.

Since I can cook food in a portable stove with the help of fire which is safe, economical, exciting, the Ecozoom Versa is a brilliant choice for camping. I do not need to spend much money on the fuel now, which is a great relief in this crunching economic situation, and I can cook easily upon it. You may become adept at cooking with this stove, sooner than you believe  as it is very easy to handle and its outer part does not heat up quickly. This feature actually makes it a very user friendly stove, as even young people going out for camping with friends can take it along. Let me describe its salient features to show you how beneficial it can be.

1- Combustion Chamber:

Ecozoom Versa has two chambers; combustion chamber is the upper one while a bottom damper chamber is also present. The combustion chamber is lined with the refractory metal or ceramic material which makes it abrasion resistant and durable. Due to the lining of refractory metal, Ecozoom Versa also possesses the feature of insulation. So, the ceramic material keeps the stove warm; increasing the efficiency.
The bottom of the chamber is lined with the kiln-fired tile which is easy to replace and can be removed if necessary. The presence of the kiln-fired tiles in the bottom chamber increases the lifetime and efficiency of the stove.

2- Reinforced Doorframe:

Ecozoom Versa consists of a metal body with the reinforced door frame. Reinforced door frame also plays a vital role in making the stove more effective. Different sockets are made on the door frame of the stove for to hold it with ease, and stick rack support makes it as to feed the fire.

3- Chimney of Ecozoom Versa:

Its chimneychannel, having a length of 10 inches, is responsible for flames flowing upwards to heat the pans or pots efficiently . The product is considered environment friendly; a 55% average emission saving is expected because of this vertical chamber of the stove.

4- Plastic and Steel Handles:

 Ecozoom Versa which has plastic and steel handles for simple and easy management. The steel handles are also covered with silicone grips which prevent the handles from heating while using the stove.

5- Stovetop is Made of Cast Iron:

Another brilliant feature of the product is the stove top is made of cast iron ring . The cast iron ring heats up easily and  helps in the efficient transfer of heat to the cooking pans and pots, hence I get my food ready in unbelievably short time.

6- Light Weight and Easy to Carry:

Weighing merely 14 pounds, it is a lightweight stove that I can pack into a five gallon bucket and easily carry with me wherever I go.

7- Ecozoom Versa is Economical:

Open ground fire cooking consumes a great deal of time in cook time and gathering wood. However, Ecozoom Versa not only takes about half the time in cooking the required proportion of food but also uses up only half the fuel as compared to the ordinary stove or any other open ground fire. According to experts, there is a 43 % average savings on the fuel if you use this stove. Moreover, I find it easier and exhilarating to gather a few wood sticks of about an inch or two in width and put them on the stove to cook what I want.

Money Back Guarantee:

Ecozoom Versa has a very reasonable price and I got it free of shipping charges. Though, I did not find anything problematic about it, in fact, I loved it the instant I used it, however, in case you find any issues, the company offers a money back guarantee. You can replace the item in case of a problem or in worst cases you can also recompense your money within the period of one month after the acquisition.
If I’m to give an opinion, I would highly suggest you all to buy Ecozoom Versa as it is not only durable and efficient but also economical and eco friendly, especially now, when fuel resources are sacred and the consumption rate is high. Moreover, for adventurous souls, fond of camping, there is nothing better than Ecozoom Versa to make camping more exciting and fun.

Happy Cooking!


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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