Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness Skills in a Catastrophic Disaster

Emergency Preparedness Skills in a Catastrophic Disaster

Emergency preparedness skills in a catastrophic disaster can give your family a higher percentage of surviving a time of crisis with less upheaval.

What would happen to you if there was a natural disaster in which you and your family were trapped in a strange environment? Have you ever wondered if you had the skills that it would take to survive? Short of taking part in one of those reality shows that have become really popular on television these days, there are things that you can do prepare yourself.

One way would be to look into taking classes that are designed to educate people on how to be better prepared in case of a life altering emergency. Along with taking classes, you can also find valuable information at your local public library and online. These resources can give you plenty of information of the different types of things you would want to know in order to survive. Some of the things you will want to be able to do for yourself; finding/building of a crude shelter, foraging/trapping/hunting for food and first aid.

We will discuss the three subjects in more detail in order of importance.

Finding and Building of Crude Shelter

It is of the utmost importance for you to be able to find the best shelter you can find to protect you and everyone else from the elements. Depending on the area you find yourself in, you may be dealing with rain, snow, high winds and sun. Each one of them are dangerous in many ways and pose potentially life threatening consequences. It would be extremely helpful to learn as much as you can about improvising with what you can find to build a makeshift shelter or even find a natural means of sheltering.

Foraging/trapping/Hunting For Food

Now that your shelter is taken care of you need to turn your attention to sustenance. Without food and water you will not survive very long. So it is very important to learn how to first find a source of fresh drinking water. When it comes to foraging for food, it is very important to learn what kinds of plants and wildlife can be eaten safely and what ones should be avoided at all cost. When it comes to food, being able to find a source of protein is very important so that you can maintain your strength. Being able to trap and hunt for small game is a skill that would be very helpful.

First Aid

The last thing that would be important to have some training in would be First Aid. Since you never know when the need will arise, having a well stocked First Aid kit is invaluable. However, what would be even more important to have would be the knowledge of what to do in case a medical emergency comes up. It would be a really good idea to look into taking some First Aid classes in your area.

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Emergency Preparedness Skills in a Catastrophic Disaster
Emergency Preparedness Skills in a Catastrophic Disaster

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Emergency Preparedness Skills in a Catastrophic Disaster

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