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Everything’s Better: 4 Reasons Why You Should Establish Roots in Texas

There’s just something about Texas. It’s known as the Longhorn State due to its history with a unique breed of cattle. Back in the 1800s, it was actually its own country for a brief period of time, known as the Republic of Texas. It’s also by far the largest oil-producing state in the country, which has given it a certain cachet. But those things just scratch the surface.

Even before the pandemic, people were moving to Texas in droves. But what’s behind it? Why are so many people pulling up roots to head to the Longhorn State? Here are a few things that could explain why people are choosing to make Texas their home.

Lower Taxes

No one likes paying taxes. And this is especially clear when it comes to Texans. Residents of Texas pay no state income tax. This basically means that there’s less money coming out of your paycheck every month. Another benefit is that when tax season rolls around, you only have to fill out a federal return when tax season rolls around.

This isn’t to say that Texas has no taxes. Without taxes, the state wouldn’t be able to manage things such as social services, hospitals, roads, schools, and a host of other infrastructural projects that people rely on. Texas is known to have high property taxes, for example. Still, it’s estimated the state has the fifth-lowest overall tax burden per capita in the nation.

That Independent Spirit

Perhaps like no other citizens in the country, people who live in Texas have a spirit of independence about them. Call it attitude. Call it freedom. Call it doing what you want to do. Texans tend to march to the beat of their own drum. Take guns, for example. Texas has some of the most liberal gun laws in America, and they seem to be getting more liberal.

But it isn’t just in gun laws where Texans are known to exercise liberality. Texas is also known to be a great place for entrepreneurs and small businesses. In part, this is because the state has a reputation of having fewer regulations than other states. Although Texas isn’t the state with the least regulations for businesses, it does rank high on the list.

Lower Cost of Living

Texas is also a good place to live if you’re concerned about the high cost of living in America. Texas ranks below the national average in most areas, including groceries, health care, and housing. The median price for a home in the state is around $300,000, which makes it a great spot if you’re a real-estate agent and you’re looking to diversify your portfolio.

If moving to Texas, you’ll want to keep in mind that costs will vary depending on the city you move to. You definitely won’t pay the same for things in Austin as you would in Amarillo. You’ll want to consider that the minimum wage in Texas is just $7.25, the same as the federal minimum wage. The living wage for a single adult with no children in Texas is $11.48. It’s $14.78 for two adults with two children.

Good Weather

If you’re tired of dreading the arrival of cold weather every November and hate making up a winter checklist, the Texas climate will be a nice change of pace. Texas is a big state, so this isn’t to say you won’t experience cold temps or ever see a snowflake, but it’ll be nothing compared to what you’d experience in the North or in the Northeast.

The average temperatures in Texas depend on what part of the state you live in, but even though you may have to deal with cold temperatures, at least you won’t have to deal with the snow.

Texas is a different kind of state that may attract a different kind of person. If you’re someone who has an independent spirit, enjoys the idea of a lower cost of living, and appreciates lower taxes, the state might be right for you. There’s also the benefit of not having to deal with all the problems snow can cause in the winter. Texas definitely has a live and let live attitude. But only you can decide whether your values and ideals are a good fit for the state.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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