Raising LivestockHow to Find Homesteading Livestock Worker

How to Find Homesteading Livestock Worker

How to find homesteading livestock worker can be quite a challenge in this day and age. Goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and cows all need constant attention therefore if you want to go on vacation….. you need someone with a good work ethic to fill in cleaning, watering and feeding.

How to Find Homesteading Livestock Worker

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The life of a homesteader is about working 24/7, not permitting to go too far from the farm. It is profession where having a vacation is rare because of the concern of taking care of the animals. The problem became finding a good farm sitter who knows how to run a farm safely. Here are a few tips.

When looking for a farm sitter, search high and low in some of the more common places a farmer would go to. Ask neighbors – they are friends (or should be). Vet clinics who works with horses and cows can help. Homeschooling families are also helpful because, living at home in the rural area, these are the type of people who work independently. The same goes for a veterinarian tech program, that always likes to work with farms as practice for their students.

Next, comes prepping for the farm sitters. Give explicit instructions and emergency phone numbers for them. Get the animals as close to the house as possible and tighten the gates to keep them contained. Clean all the feed pans, water buckets, and nesting boxes and stock up on all feed necessary for the animals.Work with the sitter on payment, schedule, and certain procedures on how to work with the animals. Check out every box on what a farm sitter must do. It’s a bit of a complicated, tedious process, but this must be done to be relaxed while out on vacation.

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