Gardening5 Fruits to Grow in Buckets or Containers

5 Fruits to Grow in Buckets or Containers

Fruits to Grow in Buckets

You probably love the taste of freshly harvested fruits; however, you don’t have a garden to dig, or you don’t want to strain your back digging the soil and picking out the weeds.

Good news! You can practice container gardening. This is ideal when you have a small garden and prefer growing indoors.

However, not all fruit types can grow under this method, so you need to leverage your choices.

If you intend to launch container gardening and plant in your favorite fruits, this post is for you. I’m going to discuss five fruits to grow in buckets.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

5 Fruits to Grow in Buckets

1. Strawberries 

Because strawberries are perennial plants, growing them in containers is a good bet. The best of all is that you can always put them inside during the cold seasons to protect their roots from frost.

Strawberries come in different varieties; however, the everbearing variety is the best option because you can harvest twice per year. The harvesting seasons are in June and late summer, respectively.

To achieve a decent harvest, ensure that the containers are wide enough to enhance drainage. Also, exposing the strawberries in direct sunlight is a plus.

2. Blueberries 

Things are a little bit different when it comes to blueberries. Blueberries compete for growth, and as such, you’ll need to plant them apart.

For sufficient growth, you’ll need a maximum of two plants in a container. Meanwhile, you can start harvesting your blueberries from June through August.

Additionally, a peat-based acidic soil is necessary for the growth of blueberries. Also, ensure that your container is 22 inches wide 18 inches deep for your blueberries’ active growth.

3. Figs 

Figs are also one of the best fruits to grow in buckets.  Why?  Because they don’t require much of your attention. All you need is a large container with well-drained soil.

Additionally, being non-fussy and drought tolerant, you’ll still need to water them regularly during dry spells due to the higher amount of evaporation.

4. Tomatoes 

As much as tomatoes are more into vegetables, they are still fruits. And yes, tomatoes are a perfect option for container gardening.

It would be best if you had some additional support when they start bearing fruits due to the heavyweight. However, they should do well if you plant them in huge containers.

5. Pineapples

Growing pineapples in containers isn’t as complicated as you perceive. Simply cut the pineapple’s crown and soak it in water for two days.

Once you’ve done that, plant them in huge containers, which are the size of a gallon to enhance soil drainage. Meanwhile, make sure that they are directly positioned to sunlight for decent growth.

Bottom Line

It’s everyone’s wish to have a garden not only because they supply fresh fruits but also help in the enhancement of landscape.

However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have one because you can always practice container gardening.

Just make sure that you have the right choices of fruits to grow in buckets and you’re good to go.


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