FlowersGarden Table For Senior or Disabled Gardeners Project

Garden Table For Senior or Disabled Gardeners Project


This is a used cattle feeder that I was able to buy for 25$.
You can find these at your local Farming and Feed store in different sizes but be warned they are not cheap but they are well made and sturdy. You might check Craigslist for a used one at a reduced price.

They can be leaned upon for support if a person has a hard time standing.

The last owners that I bought it from used it by filling it with ice and bottled drinks for huge family outdoor events.
In this picture there are 3 bags of organic moisture control potting soil and one bag of peat moss. I actually only used 2 of the bags of moisture control potting soil and only a 1/2 (half) of the peat moss. It did not take as much as I thought it would to fill it.
Now, it is just waiting to be planted.
IMG_2021aThere are always going to be someone that finds fault in any idea but I offer but this idea to encourage people with limited abilities a way to dig their hands in the soil and enjoy nurturing plants.  I truly believe that gardening is a form of therapy that heals the soul and gives us hope.


Rubbermaid Commercial FG424400BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank, 70 Gallon Capacity, 40-1/2″ Length x 24″ Height, Black

Rugged Ranch Products GV5PF Pasture Feeder, 5-Feet

Algreen 00120 Stack’n Garden Modular Planters

Arboria EZ Plant Elevated Garden

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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