GardeningGreat Tips For Attracting Bees To Pollinate Your Garden

Great Tips For Attracting Bees To Pollinate Your Garden

For folks that love to garden you probably already know that some plants will not produce any thing with out pollinators. Cucumber is one that really needs bees or butterflies to pollinate the flowers in order to grow cucumbers. While tomatoes pollen is spread by the movement of wind on the plants, that doesn’t work for all plants so we need pollinators.

Here are some great tips for attracting honey bees to your garden so they can pollinate. Off Grid News shares 8 ways to attract the bees. If you provide what they like and need they will come. If you want to attract bees but are afraid of being stung and or have small children you could put out a couple of bee habitats to attract mason bees. The don’t sting. You do have to provide them with somewhere to store their eggs, a bee habitat is exactly what they need and if they come and lay their eggs in it the you will have even more pollinators once the babies emerge.

Great Tips For Attracting Bees To Pollinate Your Garden  

A mason bee can do the pollinating of 100 honeybees according to Crosscut. Providing some flowers for the bees to feed on will also help bring bees. They will come for the flowers but they will also find the flowers in the garden and pollinate them.  You can purchase bee habitats or you can Make your own little Bee Houses. Providing what the bees need will ensure that you have the pollinators that you need for your garden so that you can get the best harvest possible. Plant things the bees like, such as the flower in the picture. It is call the poached egg plant and as you can see the bees like it. It will re-seed itself and spread as a low ground cover. Or you can grow in a container to control where it grows. It will grow in zones 5 thru 10. Following these tips will help you to attract the bees and if you are a gardener you need the bees.


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Attracting Native Pollinators: The Xerces Society Guide, Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies


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