GardeningGrowing Beans in Mason Jars Kids Gardening Project

Growing Beans in Mason Jars Kids Gardening Project

Growing Beans in Mason Jars Kids Gardening Project is a great lesson for kids and parents alike. Creating a love of gardening for the next generation starts with a single spark !

Growing Beans in Mason Jars Kids Gardening Project

One of the easiest ways to understand how a plant can be cultivated and grown is by growing bean seeds. In some countries, growing beans on cotton balls have become a very common experiment used in preschool curricula. If you are looking to start your own bean farm, this is also a relatively simple technique to apply.

Most seeds require warmth and moisture to grow especially for the first part of germination. But when seedlings start developing, soil and nutrients tend to become very essential. Most times, gardeners would generally germinate their seeds by using a soilless seed-starting mix. However, it’s good to know that things can be made easier by making use of common cotton balls.


Pint Mason Jars

Cotton Balls

Bean Seeds

Apart from the moisture that can be acquired via this medium, kids are provided with the opportunity to watch their seeds germinate, which could serve as an added bonus. There is no better way to introduce kids to the magic world of gardening than this! Right on top of the pillowy white surface, these young gardeners can watch their bean seeds germinate from scratch.

Interestingly, these seeds do not have to stay so long before they start germinating as it requires only 2 to 3 days to sprout. This experiment can be done indoors but must be kept within the reach of sunlight, like sitting on the window.

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