CraftsHoliday Luminaria Mason Jars Light Up Project

Holiday Luminaria Mason Jars Light Up Project

This holiday luminaria mason jars light up project is a delightfully simple craft that can brighten up the home with a simple uplifting message.

If you are looking to do something more traditional theme for a homey Christmas you can do this without necessarily having to buy a whole new set of decorations.

Holiday Luminaria Mason Jars Light Up Project

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Before you get started, here are some of the supplies you will need for the project:

Smooth sided mason jars (Buy Here)

Frosted glass spray paint (Buy Here)

Clear matte sealer or glitter spray paint (Buy Here)

Stick on letters to spell your word (Buy Here)

LED votive candles (Buy Here)

Ribbon for the lid (Buy Here)

Jingle bells for lid (Buy Here)

Although the Holiday Mason Jar Light UP Luminaria is commonly associated with Halloween, but with a few Christmasy tweaks, it can be just the perfect thing you need for your “Vintage Rustic Home” theme this Christmas.

In this project, the word “joy” was chosen to be represented on the three mason jars. However, you are not restricted to words as it is a thing of choice.

Follow these steps below to get started:

~ Paste the letter sticker on each jar. Be sure to remove every lids and ring. In order to avoid paint leakages underneath, ensure to rub the sticker on so well.

~  Use the frosted glass paint to spray paint the jars. This can be done several times but ensure to allow for at least one hour to dry before spraying with glitter spray paint or clear matte sealer to seal.

~ Before removing the stickers, you must let dry overnight.

~ To make the letter stickers peel off easily, warm them up with a hair dryer.

~ Tie some mini ornaments onto some wire ribbon and wrap them twice around the top of the jars.

~ Even without a little craft snow, you can add your LED votive to the bottom of the jar.

Click here to read about how to make a holiday luminaria mason jars light up project:

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