CraftsCreate Keepsake Necklace With Vintage Photos Project

Create Keepsake Necklace With Vintage Photos Project

This tutorial of how to create keepsake necklace with vintage photos project simple to make and a beautiful way to remember loved ones.

Create Keepsake Necklace With Vintage Photos Project

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Why do we decorate? We do it to lift our spirits, to revel in the season, and to enjoy the happy memories that are best made during special times of year. One way to create meaningful decorations, some of which last a lifetime, is to craft your own jewelry or ornaments.

The personalized effort and time it takes to build something with your hands really imbues it with your own special qualities, truly making it your own.

But what better way to personalize jewelry or ornaments than with family photos? Incorporating a family photo into a hanging pendant or ornament is one way to make it forever your own, while also bringing to mind the special memory that the photo signifies. And if you can jazz up that pendant or ornament with crystals, so much the better; you can create something that not only has great sentimental value, but which is also beautiful in its own right.


~ Mod Podge Dimensional Magic – (Buy Here)

~ Plaid’s Folk Art Acrylic Paint — Metallic Silver or Gold – (Buy Here)

~ Chandelier Crystals – (Buy Here)

~ Family photos, scanned and reduced to fit the dimensions of the crystal.

~ pencil

~ scissors

~ paper towel

~ paintbrush

~ Pinch bails from the beading section – (Buy Here)

~ Beads of your choice

~ Crimp tubes – (Buy Here)

~ Crimp bead covers – (Buy Here)

~ All-in-one jewelry pliers – (Buy Here)

~ Silver or gold beading wire – (Buy Here)

To get started making your own crystal pendant necklace, you could get out your family photo albums and just start cobbling something together… or you could plan out your decoration and do it right. With our step by step directions, you can create your own crystal pendant necklace featuring vintage photos for your own personalized, stylized memory.

Don’t just look back at family photos long after the fact; look back at attractive, hand-made family crystal ornaments. With our help, you can be well on your way to making your own in no time.

Click here to read about how to create keepsake necklace with vintage photos project:


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Melissa Francis
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