Natural Beauty RecipesHomemade Beauty Hygiene Recipes for Sensual Body

Homemade Beauty Hygiene Recipes for Sensual Body

These homemade beauty hygiene recipes for sensual body are simple to make, inexpensive and delightful to use.

Homemade Beauty Hygiene Recipes for Sensual Body, Shampoo, tooth powder, face wash, after shave, shaving cream

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A person’s hygiene is extremely important because it takes part from morning to evening. Washing hair, brushing teeth, deodorant under the arms, and shaving are part of that health cycle. But now, in a time of eco-consciousness, some are looking to buy these products made from natural ingredients, as well as recycling plastic. For those deeply into that, there are ways to make homemade shampoo and soap of the same caliber.

~ Natural tooth powder:

Get 2 tbsp. of baking soda, 2 tbsp. of Bentonite clay, ½ tbsp. of sea salt, and 10 to 20 drops of peppermint oil. Mix in a glass jar, shake it up, and dip a dry toothbrush into the powder and use as normal.

~Lavender dry shampoo:

Get a bottle, ¼ cup of aluminum-free baking soda, ¼ cup of cornstarch, and 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix it all up in a bottle, sprinkle in hair, and wash as directed.

Coconut Oil Moisturizing Hot Oil Hair Mask:

Rub coconut oil into hair and put a plastic shower cap over hair on a day you plan to stay home. Leave on for and hour or more. Wash and condition hair.

~ Sweet and Soft Body Wash:

2/3 cup castile soap, 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil and 2-3 tablespoons of shea butter. Combine all ingredients in the blender except the castile soap! Blend on high for about 1 minute. Stir in Castile soap. Pour into container.

~ Gentle Face Wash:

2/3 cup castile liquid soap and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Pour some oil into your palms, rub together, and gently spread all over face. Gently massage in small circles the face wash mixture into your face for about a minute. Take the washcloth and soak it in warm, steamy water and place over your face. You can feel the steam entering your pores. and releasing the impurities. Leave the washcloth on until it becomes cool again. Gently wipe off the face wash and rinse the cloth. Pat your face with a clean, soft, and dry towel.

~ Shaving Cream:

1/4 cup of liquidised coconut nut oil. Lather on hairy area and shave.

~ Refreshing After Shave:

1/4 tablespoon of Witch Hazel, 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil and 1/2 tablespoon Aloe Vera. Mix all the ingredients together and use sparingly.

Also available are homemade shaving cream, after shave, body wash – all made with natural ingredients and non-toxins, all for the purpose for a naturally clean self. It’s a growing trend in the health department to counter chemically-based products.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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