CraftsHomemade Cushioned Milk Crate Seats Project

Homemade Cushioned Milk Crate Seats Project

This step by step homemade cushioned milk crate seats project tutorial is super cute storage/decor idea for any elementary classroom, home school room, playroom, reading corner, or kids bedroom! This Do It Yourself project is very easy to follow and all of the materials can be easily obtained at a local supply store. With just a little work and creativity you can come up with ways to customize them in order to have them better fit your uses.
Homemade Cushioned Milk Crate Seats Project

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This project is an inexpensive way to repurpose commonly discarded plastic milk crates and turn them into simple, comfortable seating.

These days repurposing commonly discarded objects into useful items is a very popular activity. Whether you find the stuff at a garage sale, flea market or online, with a little creativity and elbow grease you can turn almost anything into something useful. There is no shortage of ways you can find information on how to repurpose things you find. Many people like to share their ideas by creating do it yourself projects like this one.


Plastic Milk Crates

Yards Fabric

Cushion Stuffing or Foam

Decorative ribbon

Particle Board or MDF Rectangles

Staple Gun

20mm Screws

● A great way to repurpose old or discarded trash into a useful items

● Project includes a complete list of all materials, supplies and tools necessary

● Project also includes an easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

● Includes several full color photos that depict several stages of the project

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