Homemade Paracord Handle Wrap Project

Homemade Paracord Handle Wrap Project

This step by step tutorial of how to make a homemade paracord handle wrap project is perfect for an axe handle, walking stick, water bottle, hunting knife or just about any thing you may be planning to carry with you.  The paracord will you have a better grip and you extra paracord on hand, if you ever need it.

Materials you will need:

Length of paracord – The length depends on the size of the wrap. Because it is made from a single cord, you can pull the cord directly from a hank or spool.

Rubber band or a smaller piece of cord to prevent the cord from moving.


optionally, but highly recommended, some beeswax to rub onto the handle

Not only does a paracord handle wrap give your axe handle more grip, but it also provides compact storage for over 100 feet or more of useful cordage.

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