Household TipsHomemade Hair Detangler and Static Control Sprays

Homemade Hair Detangler and Static Control Sprays

If you have a little one with curly hair that gets all staticky by the time you get the tangles brushed out, check out these recipes for homemade hair detangler and static control sprays. When you have a child that has real curly hair mornings can really be a chore. You need to brush the tangles out and she cries because it hurts.

Homemade Hair Detangler and Static Control Sprays

With this recipe for spray detangler you will have her hair brushed in no time without all of the drama and tears. Another recipe in this article is one that works for static control on hair. Winter is the worst for static in hair, The air is dry and we are all putting on coats and lids especially put on and take off hats which can really build up static in the hair.

Spray the hair before putting on the hat and control that static. These recipes are from Tip Nut and will cost almost nothing to make but will really make mornings easier.

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