SeedsHomemade Indoor Garden Seed Starting System Project

Homemade Indoor Garden Seed Starting System Project

This homemade indoor garden seed starting system project really embodies several characteristics of the homesteading and self sufficiency. You grow your own food. You prepare for what is coming. In this instance what is coming is spring. You create a unique and functional device that meets your needs from material that you have. You do not spend a lot of money.

Homemade Indoor Garden Seed Starting System Project

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The idea here is simple. Why spend a fortune on an elaborate seed starter system for your vegetables and flowers when you can do the same thing with materials you probably have around the house?

The size of the seed starter is independent of the plants that you plan on growing. The number of seed starters that you will need will depend on how many plants you plan on putting into the ground. There are no plant to plant contamination issues with this design.

The size of the original seed starter can be expanded for larger plants. The design depends on the size of the pots. The instructions tell you to buy the pots first so you do not waste time or wood cutting wood twice.

Buying the pots, getting the lights, measuring, cutting the wood, putting the seed started frame together may take four to five hours. The details of the build are below. The only thing you may have to buy is the lights.

This is a really slick and inexpensive seed planter. It holds 70 pots and costs $15 or less to make. The light bar can fit across one side of the seed starter for storage until next year. The instructions tell you everything you need to know.

Click here to read about how to make this homemade indoor garden seed starting system project:


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Melissa Francis
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