HerbalHomemade Mullein Garlic Oil to Cure an Ear Infection

Homemade Mullein Garlic Oil to Cure an Ear Infection

Homemade Mullein Garlic Oil to Cure an Ear Infection

This homemade Mullein Garlic oil to cure ear infections needs to be made ahead of time so it can be on hand and ready to use when needed. Luckily this homemade Mullein Garlic oil recipe can last up to a year or more if properly stored (out of sunlight) while retaining it’s healing properties.

The signs and symptoms associated with ear infections differ from person to person but certain common symptoms do point to a ear infection.

Pain in the ear, headache, tugging sensation in the ear, fluid draining from the ear, high fever, nausea, pain in ears, sleeping problems and poor response to sounds.

Homemade Mullein Garlic Oil to Cure an Ear Infection
Homemade Mullein Garlic Oil to Cure an Ear Infection


1 ounce of fresh or dried Mullein Flowers (antibacterial)

1 peeled Garlic Clove (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral properties)

Virgin Olive 0il  ( has antibacterial and antiviral properties)

Mullein flowers can be found at any herbal health store, online (click here) or even possibly in your back yard. A Mullein plant (Verbascum thapsus)  has small yellow flowers that are densely grouped on a tall stem, which bolts from a large rosette of leaves..


Mince peeled sections of a clove of Garlic

Place Mullein flowers and minced garlic loosely in a clean glass jar.

Totally submerge Mullein flowers and minced Garlic with of olive oil.

Place in a warm location, such as the top of a refrigerator or in the sun, for two weeks.

Shake jar daily.

Pour the contents through a fine strainer to remove Mullein flowers and minced Garlic.

Save oil in a brown bottle and discard mullein flowers and minced Garlic.

To Use:

Warm the oils slightly, put 2-3 drops into the affected ear with a eye dropper and loosely place cotton in the ear 3 times a day. It is a good idea to take oral doses of Echinacea as soon as an ear infection pain starts and for 3 days after pain ends.  Do not use with perforated ear drum.

Tip: If you are storing oil in a small brown bottle and need to warm it… this can be done by placing it close to a person’s body for 20 minutes by placing it under a person’s arm or down the front of a female’s bra.

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Melissa Francis
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