PetCBD For Dogs: Will It Have A Drastic Effect On Their Behavior?

CBD For Dogs: Will It Have A Drastic Effect On Their Behavior?

Observing a dog’s behavior is one sure way to tell the state of its health. Typically, happy dogs wag their tails when they see their owners, are ready to play, jump in the car for a ride, have a good appetite, and are not destructive. 

With the legalization of medical CBD use for humans in the US and Canada, pet owners are continually seeking advice on whether the same is beneficial to their pets. 

CBD For Dogs

This is mainly because pets, especially dogs, also suffer from various conditions that affect humans such as anxiety, arthritis, and Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (known as Alzheimer’s in humans). Also, dogs and cats, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system. 

Well, although more research is still needed for a better conclusion on the use of CBD in pets, numerous CBD products for dogs are already available in the market. The next big question from dog owners is whether the use of these CBD products on their dogs have any effects on their behavior. 

To better answer this question, let’s first understand some of the main uses of CBD on dogs.


Uses of CBD to Dogs


According to the National Institutes of Health, CBD offers medicinal benefits to dogs. The result of the product depends on a range of elements ranging from product potency, dosage, frequency, dog’s body size, and how its body reacts to the product.

According to a 2018 survey, researchers administered 2 to 8 milligrams of CBD products per kilogram of the dogs’ body weight. At least 80% of the dogs showed improved mobility and significantly reduced pain levels. In addition, according to a 2019 National Health Institute study, the frequency of seizures in epileptic dogs was fewer when dogs consumed CBD products compared to those that didn’t. 

CBD for dogs is a natural relief for your canine best friend. It can help boost immune systems and promote a healthy coat and skin. At the same time, try and seek a vet’s advice to help you choose the right dosage, flavor, THC level, and how to administer the CBD product to your dog. Meanwhile, you can view this page for high-quality CBD products for your dogs. 


CBD for Joint Pain & Inflammation in Dogs


Due to aging or genetics, about 20% of all dogs suffer from the impact of degenerative or developmental joint pain. The dog may experience mild discomfort at first, but when the chronic pain sets in, it completely loses interest in the things it once loved. Joint pain and inflammation significantly reduce the dog’s quality of life. 

Some pet owners opt for traditional treatment options such as conventional pain medications, exercise, surgery, and weight management to treat their dogs. While some dogs get better, others don’t fully recover.

Using CBD oil is a non-addictive alternative, without the known side effects of conventional medications. Research and anecdotal evidence indicate that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can relieve joint pains, soothes inflammation, and serves as a remedy for arthritis. Although the results are gradual, consistent, and regular use can help keep the dog pain-free.


CBD Oil for Anxiety in Pets


If you notice some dramatic changes in your dog’s behavior such as hiding, ducking away from touching, or unexpected biting, these could be indications of stress. When it is in pain or when you separate it from familiar people or other dogs, dogs can show general phobia or fall into stress and depression. To ease such panic attacks and anxiety, some vets recommend the use of CBD oil.

According to the National Health Institute, CBD oil calms the nerves and helps relieve tension in humans. Since human and canine endocannabinoid systems have significant similarities, this means that, just like humans, dogs can also benefit from CBD oil. CBD oil activates the body receptors that initiate better chemical transmissions. It triggers a response that’s responsible for encouraging calmness and releasing tension.

The product is also useful for situational anxiety. This is where a pet owner can predict in advance a particular situation that might cause pressure or stress in their pets. For example, the owner can administer the product before traveling, if guests are coming, or if there are thunderstorms.

CBD For Dogs


CBD for Dogs with Chronic Pain


Different dogs behave in different ways when they are in pain. While some pets may hide in their kennel and become antisocial, others tend to become clingy, seeking reassurance. Also, some dogs, when in pain, sleep more, growls, pants and yelps a lot, or shake uncontrollably. 

Research shows that CBD helps reduce chronic pain in dogs. For instance, dogs that suffer from acute canine pancreatitis may experience chronic abdominal pain, lack of appetite, and vomiting. This is due to the inflammation of the pancreas that results in digestive enzymes becoming active a little too early in the digestive process.

Also, pancreatitis pain can cause oxidate stress due to free radicals that eventually result in premature aging processes that make the entire body ache. 

CBD relieves this abdominal pain and triggers the immune system to begin the right responses and balance the body processes. After an accident, surgery, or injury, a dog may experience chronic pain. CBD also serves as a perfect pain reliever and hastens recovery. Over time, as your dog consumes CBD products, the pet’s general health and their behavior will change gradually. 


CBD has many benefits for pet dogs. After administering the CBD product, you can record the pet’s behavior over a few days or weeks and then compare to see the difference between before and after treatment. 

You may start to notice obvious or subtle behavior changes when the CBD product starts to take effect. But, while CBD has all these medical benefits to your dog, there is no conclusive data on how it affects the dog’s behavior. 

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