DIY Doorbell for Dogs

DIY Doorbell for Dogs

In this video you will learn how to make a diy doorbell for dogs. This will cost so much less than buying one and once you dog learns to use it, it will make it easier for both you and your pet for potty times.

DIY  Doorbell for Dogs

I know some folks have already trained their pets to use a bell that hangs on the doorknob and this is great as long as you can hear it . This diy doorbell will be like a real doorbell that you would have by your front door and so you should be able to hear it even if you are not in the same room.

This diy project can be done for around fifteen dollars and a little bit of your time.  You can buy dog doorbells both the kind that hang and this type but this kind starts at around thirty dollars so making your own would be a little more cost effective.

In this tutorial you will see How To Lou build this doggy doorbell and then he shows how he trained his dog to use the doorbell. It didn’t take long and now they know exactly when the dog wants to go out, even if they are not sitting in the same room.