DessertsHomemade Nut Brittle With Cashews and Coconut Recipe

Homemade Nut Brittle With Cashews and Coconut Recipe

Save money by making your own homemade nut brittle candy. Winters call for warm food, warm drinks and a fireplace. The season also brings the holidays so you can expect to enjoy the warmth of your cozy home with family and friends. People who love to cook prefer having homemade food, especially on such occasions. Whether it is savory or sweet you are craving, you can make incredible home recipes for the holiday season. Talking about sweet recipes, winters brings a lot of dried fruits and nuts. They can be used in multiple recipes to create delicious tastes.

Homemade Nut Brittle With Cashews and Coconut Recipe

One of the best things about nuts is that they can be mixed with other routine ingredients to make munchies. In this post from the Life is a Party, the author has combined cashew and coconut to make brittle. Brittle is hard candy but it can be eaten to satisfy that warm sweet craving in the winters. Moreover, you can wrap it up to gift it to your friends, family or perhaps the neighbors. According to the author, the combination of cashew and coconut created such an impressive flavor that she could not stop eating it. This winter, whether your preference is tea, coffee or milk, you can enjoy this brittle along with a warm mug.


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